Keven Sommerville

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Parking problems prompt a solution


From what you could call the penthouse here at Eastern Michigan University, the 10th floor lounge in Hill Hall overlooks all of campus and miles upon miles beyond.

EMU’s community is full of diversity, pride and hope


When I started looking into where I was going to go to college in 2010, Eastern Michigan University was never on my mind.

Unrest among Americans could lead to uprising


As Americans grow increasingly dissatisfied with the U.S. government, patience seems to be wearing thin. What if America were on the brink of something very similar to the Arab Spring? It might be a more realistic concept than many think.

Capitalism’s “more is better” idea is problematic


Socially and culturally, the mindset in the United States today seems to be “more is better.” But what if, perhaps, this whole idea is the root of many of our problems?

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