Marcus Teklemariam


Stop texting and driving, make roads safer

You’re driving down the road, on your way to class, when your cell phone goes off. You take a quick glance to find it’s a text message. It’s just a friend letting you know where you’ll be meeting at the movies tonight. Knowing you’re going to be in class for most of the day, you reach over and try to text him back before you pull up to the student parking lot. Suddenly, you hear a loud car horn. Then you notice your car is traveling in the wrong lane and you quickly move to miss the other car by only a few feet. Feeling relieved and a little embarrassed, you begin to wish you had parked your car before you picked up the phone.

Budget cuts in education are not a solution

As Michigan prepares to establish a balance budget and avoid another government shutdown like 2007, Governor Granholm has made a difficult decision and cut $60 million of school aid to select districts.

The pros and cons of Argo Dam

In the ongoing quest for progress, most people would not give an aging dam much debate on keeping it or removing it.