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New education reforming bill just doesn’t hit the mark


On July 19th, House Republicans, sans Democratic support, passed a bill to overhaul America’s education system and repeal No Child Left Behind. I applaud their interest in education policy and willingness to address NCLB, but the Student Success Act, as it is called, misses the mark. It is predicated on the belief that the federal government is what’s causing the problems in America’s schools, and that removing it will be the remedy. But this view is at odds with reality.

Letter to the Editor


In the last election, youth turnout in Michigan was near an all-time high, with half of all eligible young people voting, making up a full fifth of the electorate, according to a Fox News Poll. They showed that 2008 wasn’t an anomaly. And with so many issues affecting students, from education, to healthcare and the economy, it’s not hard to see why they were so energized.

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