Nora Naughton & Scout Bostley


EMU Regents wrap up meeting early after disruption from protesters

Protesters shut down Eastern Michigan University’s Board of Regents meeting Tuesday. Students voiced their opposition of the Regents’ continued relationship with the Education Achievement Authority with drum-led chants of “black lives matter” and “we’re so tired of this, let us go home.” Initially, President Susan Martin attempted to speak over the protesters and continue business, however, after protesters stood in front of the Regents and linked hands, the disruption overpowered the meeting and the Regents chose to adjourn. "We respect the rights of our students to express their views on important community issues," said Geoff Larcom, executive director of media relations for EMU, after the Regents left the chambers. The Regents would not comment on the disruption or the early adjournment of their regular meeting. While the protest did shut down the regular meeting, the Regents were still able to conduct all necessary business before adjourning. Regent Vicki Reaume proposed a motion to approve all of the items on Tuesday’s docket in the interest of finishing the meeting more quickly.

EMU Regents call for stronger EMU-EAA partnership

Eastern Michigan University’s Board of Regents will continue with the interlocal agreement with the Education Achievement Authority after a resolution to withdraw was shot down at the Regents' meeting in Welch Hall Friday. The Regents approved an amendment to that resolution that stated the Regents should continue with set guidelines for working with and improving the EAA over the next three years in a 6-2 vote.