Patrick Seick


The value of introversion

Every weekday I have the pleasure of sitting in my various classes, simply listening to discussions. These conversations range from philosophy to political science to trivial gossip.

EMU keeps students informed with New York Times

There is always something happening around the world. Cyprus is wrestling with the prospect of a eurozone bailout. Florida Gulf Coast University has upset both Georgetown and San Diego State universities in the NCAA Tournament. Syria’s bloody civil war continues to rage on. Colorado signed stricter gun control into law.

Bloomberg fails to address health illiteracy

Every now and then on a long trip, my friends will stop at the nearest 7-Eleven for a drink. I always feel a sense of amusement when one of them comes back with a Double Gulp, a full 50 ounces of Coke. Not so amusingly, in a Jun. 6, 2012 article, The New York Times reported that a Double Gulp of Coke contains 600 calories, or roughly a quarter of the daily recommended calories for an average man.

Challenge Styrofoam use for its damaging effects

There are many perks to living on Eastern Michigan University’s campus: The people are life-changing, everything is within a 15-minute walk and the squirrels are friendly. Yet one of the biggest and, in my very humble opinion, underappreciated perks is Golden Wall, the Chinese restaurant just off campus at 421 W. Cross St.

Stop oversimplifying people

During the 2012 presidential election, there was much debate about immigration policy and the rapidly shifting American population. Specifically, the quickly growing Latino population. According to the Pew Hispanic Research Center, Latinos made up 17 percent of the American population in 2011. By 2030, Latinos are expected to make up a quarter of the American population.

US group fuels anti-gay bill

For months, many Americans have paid close attention to whether the Supreme Court will take up the issue of gay marriage and put the U.S. on the fast track to legal acceptance. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community advocates in the U.S. are vying for legal equality, while elsewhere in the world they have to fear for their lives.

Gun talk stupid

Gun control is a hot topic these days. Unfortunately, to make a play on Ben Parker’s wise words: “With great controversy comes great stupidity.” And nothing could characterize the debate over gun control more aptly.

Catholic church scandal-ridden

On Jan. 21, a series of memos and letters filed in a civil case found Roman Catholic Cardinal Roger Mahony and a host of other church officials conspired to shield known pedophile priests from police.