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Stop minimizing verbal abuse


The fact that emotional abuse has negative effects on people who are abused is not a new revelation. It is apparent that this is the case from the experiences of people working in the mental health and social work fields, from psychological research and most importantly, from the lived experiences of people who have survived abuse.

Bisexuality misunderstood


Attitudes towards people who identify as bisexual seem to be lagging behind the growing acceptance of gay and lesbian-identified people.

Diseases resurface with decline in vaccinations


Despite the continuing technological and scientific advances in medicine, old disease threats are starting to resurface as public health problems.

There is no such thing as being left-brained or right-brained


Are you left-brained or right-brained? That was a trick question. Unless you’ve had a hemisphere of your brain removed, the answer is both.

Logic and creativity are not opposites


Are you left-brained or right-brained? That was a trick question. Unless you’ve had a hemisphere of your brain removed, the answer is both. It is true that some of the major functions of the brain are lateralized, or largely localized to one side of the brain; language is a notable example.

Multitasking more difficult than you think


Time management is a tough job for college students. Scheduling and effective study habits are learned skills, and students that have not had a lot of practice juggling so many time-sensitive tasks may not have fully developed them yet. Students who work a lot of hours outside of school and students with children or other outside obligations can also struggle with time management.

How we talk about mental illness needs to change


When I was growing up, it did not take me long to learn that common mental health problems such as depression and anxiety disorders were not exactly taken seriously by most of the adults in my life. I have a history of anxiety and depression going back to my early teen years.

‘Selfishness’ not generational


It’s a new year, but I doubt the journalistic trend of pontificating on the personality flaws of Millennials is going to stop anytime soon. I would argue that this trend of thinking that the young people are wayward and self-involved dates back to approximately every generation that has ever existed, but let’s focus on the “Me Generation.”

LGBT allies need to show it in their everyday behavior


I am conflicted about something that is often seen as an unquestionably positive boon for social movements – it bothers me when people refer to themselves as allies to the LGBT community. This qualm also applies to when people label themselves as allies to other marginalized groups of people, but I’m only going to speak from my own experience here as a person who identifies as transgender and bisexual.

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