Tom Brandt


Republicans are new ‘Red Scare’

Today, I’m only writing to Eastern Echo readers who agree with me that it’s the Republican Party – not socialism, communism or terrorism – which is now the single greatest threat to American national security. We have met the enemy, and they are the GOP.

Republicans turned off by size of Obama's package

Republicans are not sparing the rod when it comes to beating up on President Obama’s economic stimulus package, but it’s clear they are unable to raise their membership to withstand the newly found vigor of his congressional muscle.

In American politics, faith is the new fact

I’ve had a revelation about the true nature of our political debate in this country, and it’s simply this: Believing you are correct is more important than being correct. Consider how recent attacks on Barack Obama from the political right have boiled the blood of American liberals.

Great Lakes in need of security

When we think of Michigan, many of us conjure up an image of a broken down, rust-belt economy, or a dysfunctional Detroit government or perhaps even the wonderfully evocative label “Militiagan.” But when I think of our state, I picture beautiful blue bodies of fresh water extending out to every horizon.