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The Eastern Echo Thursday, May 30, 2024 | Print Archive
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Q&A with EMU Grad Student and Author, Jordan Scavone

At the age of six, Eastern Michigan University graduate student Jordan Scavone created his first picture book. He recently made his debut as an author with the release of his picture book “Might-E” in October.

“Might-E” is about a preschooler named Emma who becomes a superhero to face her fears.

Scavone is currently studying for his master’s degree in children’s literature at EMU. He has a bachelor’s degree in children’s literature and theater for the young from EMU.

You can find the book “Might-E” on Facebook at EBook. For information regarding signings, guest appearances and talks about “Might-E,” contact Scavone at

When did you decide to write the book?

January 2014 during my first semester of grad school.

What was the process like in you writing the book?

It actually started as a creative project in my grad school course, multicultural children’s literature. After that, I decided that the book was actually quite good, so I did some minor edits and after about another six months or more, I shopped it around to a few publishers.

Where did the idea of the story come from?

I love superheroes, so I think I always knew I wanted to write something with them. Both Disney and Miyazaki films have always inspired me. That also drew to me to my illustrator, her style to me is on par with anything Disney and Miyazaki films produce.

Who illustrated the book?

Caitlyn Knpeka, she is a New York City based artist who also teaches comic book art there. She was wonderful to work with and I fully plan to work with her for more books in the future.

Could you give a brief summary about the book?

Emma’s a very shy, nervous and anxious four-year-old girl starting preschool. In order to overcome her fears, she becomes a superhero with the help of her father. In doing so, she is able to learn to be mighty.

Why did you choose to write about Emma and preschool?

Emma is actually inspired by an actual girl who at the time was in preschool. She went to the daycare center I work at in Ann Arbor. It was actually her mutual love of superheroes that cemented the idea of doing a superhero-style book.

It looks like a comic book. Why did you decide to make it like a comic?

The decision on a comic book style comes from the superhero elements included in the book. I figured if I was going to do a superhero style, committing to the comic book style would not only be appropriate, but it would open up for many different types of readership.

How did it feel to have your book published?

It was awesome! I can’t really explain it with words. It was quite the whirlwind of emotions, but the best part was when I actually got to open the first box with the finished book in it.

Are you working on anything since after publication?

I’m mostly working on promotion and distribution at this point. The more I can get my book out the quicker I can start working on more books. I plan to do a loosely connected series that takes place within the daycare that Emma goes to. Other books won’t focus on her, but she will be featured in other books, and eventually get more starring her.

Do you see writing picture books as a career?

I do. It’ll be a bit of a process, but I do hope that I will be able to get there one day.

What was the goal or purpose behind the writing?

Ultimately I wanted to produce something that would inspire and show kids that there is a superhero deep inside them all. I see kids every day at the daycare who worry that their parents won’t come back, my ultimate goal was to help and inspire kids.

Why is it important for students or anyone in general to read it?

Kids are a lot stronger and cleverer than most people tend to think. Especially from about one to five, they should get more credit than they are given. But more or less, I believe that it is important for kids and even adults. They all have a mighty hero deep inside that they can let out.

What can people expect from reading the book?

A story that is inspirational and relatable to not only children but older kids and adults alike. The art style, and comic book elements so far have drawn interest from one year olds, to over ten years.

Where is the book available for purchase?

Locally it is at Nicola’s Book Store in Ann Arbor on Stadium St., Next Chapter Bookstore and Bistro in Northville, and Barnes and Noble Sterling Heights. It is also available online at, and

What has the journey been like as an author?

It has been quite a journey so far; the process has ranged from very fast to very slow. Now that the book is out things seem to be picking up speed again. On Dec. 6 I got to do a live interview with Fox 2 News Detroit so I’m hoping that that’ll boost up sales, as well as opportunities for signings, readings, and more interviews.

Did you learn anything? If so, what did you learn?

Yes, I’ve learned that you need to believe in yourself but not to be afraid to reach out to people. A simple email can turn into a TV news interview, and sending a message to another author can build a contact you never knew about. All in all, but writing a book about believing in yourself to inspire others, I’ve been able to inspire myself. A win-win in my opinion.