Eastern Michigan University has been tracking COVID-19 case rates and implementing safety protocols in the hopes of keeping the number of confirmed cases low.

Out of the 5,167,340 tests performed in the state of Michigan, there have been 190,043 probable and confirmed cases and 7,653 deaths, according to Michigan’s Coronavirus data.

EMU has administered 6,712 COVID-19 tests since Aug. 12, with 48 positive cases, according to their COVID-19 Dashboard. The University has set aside 108 on-campus beds for students who may not be able to quarantine and isolate at their residence. Only one these beds is currently in use. 

Washtenaw County has reported a total of 5,723 probable and confirmed cases and 120 deaths. EMU’s 48 cases compare favorably to the University of Michigan (U-M). U-M has 435 positive cases within the last 14 days, according to U-M COVID-19 data. Since March 8, U-M has conducted 55,721 COVID-19 tests , 1,967 of which have led to positive cases.

On Oct. 20 the Washtenaw County Health Department released a stay in place order to University of Michigan undergraduate students through Nov. 3. 

In response, EMU released a statement ensuring their efforts to keep students and faculty safe on campus. The full statement can be viewed here.


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