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The Eastern Echo Sunday, June 23, 2024 | Print Archive
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Review: 'You People' is an amazing worlds uniting love story

The Netflix movie "You People" portrays the idea of impossible love and how it can be impeccable no matter what the circumstances are.

Seeing the poster of the movie "You People" hints at a beautiful comedy movie, but the audience would never expect such a movie to have a lot of emotions involved.


Netflix's "You People" tells a story of love that transcends borders and tries to unite two different worlds. Both of the main characters lead very different lives at the beginning of the movie.

Jonah Hill stars as Ezra, a Jewish white man with a bugging family that always insists that he gets a girlfriend. He meets Amira, a Muslim black woman with an intense father, who cares a lot about her to the point of insanity.

Their families keep getting in the way of their happiness when they fall in love and decide to make things official. The couple decides to cancel their wedding on the wedding day since the situation was too unbearable, but as the events unfold, things become a bit more interesting.


I think many would agree that it is interesting how the movie indirectly discusses sensitive topics like microaggressions toward people of color and how racism takes place in many situations that people never have thought of. The movie itself previews a story about race and religion, which are two main issues in America, but the movie was a great tool to spread awareness of that.

Furthermore, the upbeat vibe of the movie is honestly addicting since the couple tries to cope with a very hard situation, and they even make it look fun.

Moreover, I found it really well-thought how the idea of love was portrayed in the movie, conveying the message that love can be enough no matter what the circumstances are.


I found it really interesting how Muslim people were shown in the movie. To be specific, the way they dress and talk. As a Muslim myself, I would say there were many flaws with the representation of Islam in the movie, but there were some parts that were close to correctness.

Also, the couple’s siblings and other parents had little to no effect on the storyline. It mainly seems like only Ezra, his mom, Amira, and her dad were the only important characters in the movie, and for a 1-hour 50-minute long movie, that could not be enough.

The movie had me sobbing at the end. I didn’t expect it to be this emotional, but it holds a really deep message that hits hard.

I would rate “You People” a 9 out of 10.