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The Eastern Echo Sunday, June 23, 2024 | Print Archive
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UNITY Senior Capstone Exhibit Attendees

Ford Gallery hosts its Senior Capstone Exhibition at EMU

14 seniors participate in Senior Capstone Exhibition at EMU.

Eastern Michigan University’s Ford Gallery is hosting a Senior Capstone Exhibition show now through Dec. 22. Located in Ford Hall on the university’s campus, the show combines the artwork of seniors.

“This exhibition showcases a culmination of many projects the students have worked on over this year and last," Danny R.W. Baskin, gallery program director, said. "The students were allowed to submit any project they had created recently and afterwards the capstone class curated the show between themselves to best fit with one another. As they developed the exhibition, a theme emerged; Unity.”

EMU has three art galleries total. The University Gallery and the student-run Intermedia Gallery are located in the university’s Student Center. The Capstone Exhibition in Ford Gallery is open Tuesday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The galleries host around 10 shows a year between Ford Gallery and the University Gallery. Each of those galleries have reception events for guests to come and celebrate the artwork. The Senior Capstone Exhibition held its reception on Dec. 4. There are 14 seniors participating in the Capstone Exhibition. 

“The reception for the show had a very large turnout,“ Sophia Emmi, one of the seniors participating in the show, said. "I hadn't expected as many people to come through as they did which was very exciting. I feel the best receptions are the ones with lots of people to celebrate them, so I feel it was a success.”

Initially, the show had no set theme, but Emmi and her class worked together to come up with one.

“For the show, there was no established theme when we were curating pieces,“ Emmi said. "Though you could argue there was some theming for each artist individually. The class would come together for curation, each person proposing 3-5 pieces they felt comfortable putting in the show. Then together, the class would examine the work and decide which projects from them looked the best and fit well with each other. For instance, I proposed a website for curation, but most of my other work was printed, it didn't match the majority so myself and the class decided to leave it out."

The mission of EMU’s art gallery programs is to present innovative exhibitions that represent the University’s academic offerings; research and exhibition; provide a capable resource for arts management training; educate the university and greater Southeast Michigan communities about the forms and issues of contemporary and historic art from all cultures. It fills a unique niche in the region as a venue for showcases that enhance the reputation of the EMU School of Art & Design.

"I chose to submit these works in particular as they are some of what I am most proud of for the design or for the concept and purpose behind them," Emmi said. "The show is meant as an opportunity for seniors to show what their hard work and years at school have led to. For me, I am a huge perfectionist who struggled to even deem one piece worthy for the show initially."

Like many seniors participating in the Senior Capstone Exhibition, Emmi realizes that the show has helped to grow her confidence in her artwork.

"Working with my peers on the exhibition has helped me realize my work and I are worthy to be held up and celebrated. It has made me more confident to apply to future exhibitions I come across," Emmi said.