6/22/2020, 5:25pm


The hero E-Mo has discovered the identity of the new vigilante, Shade-Feather, and she's his girlfriend?!

6/17/2020, 7:41pm

Black Lives Matter Support

If you want to help the Black Lives Matter movement, donate to Secure Act Blue to support their endeavors right now. If you wish to take part in their protests as well, go to Amazon and check out this Safety Guide to stay safe and healthy.

6/9/2020, 12:00am


Excuses to do hero work often involve going to the bathroom, letting many friends question if our heroes have an issue.

5/27/2020, 10:12am


Everyone's got a family, and for the arachnid hero Poison-Spider, his family is his father back in New York City.

5/18/2020, 4:21pm


A new vigilante is in town: Shade-Feather! Will the heroes be able to stop her merciless punishments?