5/19/2021, 7:15pm


#secretsofacollegesuperhero returns with the introduction of a new hero, Zela Weve, or as the rest of the world knows her: Shade-Feather!

5/17/2021, 9:41pm


The fiery super heroine Cherry is still feeling the effects of the death of her friend and fellow hero, Poison-Spider. Her days as a superhero have grown just a little more lonely...

5/16/2021, 10:47pm

Historical Helen

Helen has had enough of the rainy days in her apartment, so she tries to go find a time when there wasn't any. But, for some reason, the rain never seems to go away...

5/12/2021, 11:28pm

Steel Eagle #15

GE-1849 now has a desire to help people, no longer does it desire to be used only as a weapon. However, the human half of the future hero Steel Eagle, Ryan García, drops his own perspective on what helping people often means. This doesn't dissuade GE-1849, instead, it offers it proposes a team-up between them in order to become a unit that helps others. Ryan agrees to the offer, to be GE-1849's new pilot and for the pair to become a new hero: Steel Eagle!

5/11/2021, 6:49pm

Historical Helen

Helen has decided to kick it back to the 70s, but she runs into someone who claims to know her? Helen better go back a bit further to learn who this mystery person was...

5/10/2021, 11:18pm


Our heroes gather to mourn the loss of their friend and fellow hero, Jason Phillips, or as he was better known, Poison-Spider. How will the rest of the heroes and his family handle Poison-Spider's death?

5/6/2021, 9:53am


The arachnid hero Poison-Spider has been killed by his clone, Shadow-Spider. However, Shadow-Spider was controlled by the nefarious Prof. Aleankabut and forced to commit the heinous act. Now, Shadow-Spider chases after to stop the evil professor to learn why he caused the death of a hero...

4/28/2021, 11:39am

Steel Eagle #14

The armored half of the vigilante Steel Eagle, GE-1849, tells its life story of how it was once a weapon made by the US Military. But, its tenure as a weapon, a mere tool, went on far too long for GE-1849 and it made its escape. Now, GE-1849 is on the run to be its own identity, but what will it do with its new life?

4/26/2021, 8:21pm

Historical Helen

Helen has gone back in time to interview a famous writer: William Shakespeare! But she may be asking him too many questions...

4/19/2021, 10:44am

Historical Helen

Helen has traveled back in time to the year 1917, which is when she met Violet Jessop, a person who worked on both the Titanic and the HMHS Britannic!?

4/13/2021, 5:10pm


Poison-Spider has found the person who kidnapped his clone-for-a-daughter, Aela. The mysterious and cold blooded Prof. Aleankabut! Will our favorite arachnid hero save the day, or will he fall into the professor's web? Enjoy this triple sized issue to celebrate the official 100th issue of the series!

4/11/2021, 6:48pm

Historical Helen

Helen is tired of the world's clamor and chaos, so she has decided to go somewhere else to enjoy a little peace and quiet.

4/5/2021, 3:38pm

Historical Helen

This week, Helen travels back in time to go sailing with some pirates, but she may prefer to keep her land legs after hearing more about these seafarers...

4/1/2021, 7:42am

Steel Eagle #13

Our future hero, Ryan García, has come face to face with a talking robot, who is only after his electronics? Despite Ryan's attempts to stop the robot, he becomes more fascinated by it and learns he may have a bit of a problem... It's supposed to be with the U.S. Military!

3/29/2021, 1:07pm


Our Poison-Spider's daughter is missing! While out for a day with the magical heroine Devil Angel, Aela mysteriously disappeared! But, it didn't take long for Aela's location to be revealed to our heroes, as Poison-Spider received a message from the one responsible for his daughter's disappearance...

3/29/2021, 10:39am

Historical Helen

This week, Helen goes back in time to talk with Stalin for an essay she is writing, but she may not get the chance because she can't stop clapping?

3/24/2021, 5:46pm

Historical Helen

Check out the first issue of the all new series Historical Helen! This week, Helen travels to the year 1518 during the reign of the Dancing Plague!

3/22/2021, 6:45pm


Our favorite arachnid heroes Poison-Spider and Pale-Spider have run across the new web slingin' hero in their city, Golden-Spider. It just makes you wonder why there are so many spider-related heroes?

3/20/2021, 2:54pm

Steel Eagle #12

Our half-of-a-hero Ryan García was working late into the night when he heard the faint scratching of... something. Upon investigating it, he discovered the source of his late night annoyance is a robot falling apart?! Is this robot here for violence? Or is it here for peaceful reasons?