2/15/2021, 7:00pm


After a long and stressful day, even heroes need to unwind, and what better way to unwind than chilling with a pet?

2/9/2021, 6:40pm


The monstrous hero Monstra-Man is just like anyone and has a favorite show, but his hero work seems to always get in the way of him watching it...

2/3/2021, 12:51pm

Steel Eagle #9

Last time we learned Steel Eagle was two individuals: the suit is a robot nicknamed Swoop, and the human element to the known vigilante is a man named Ryan. This week, we learn Ryan's last name is "García" as his landlord, Ms. Salla, has come knocking about his late-hour, rooftop activities. When did Ryan's life even get this hectic?

2/2/2021, 4:43pm


The man of science hero, Grappler, is having a hard time accepting time travel is so casually possible by a newly met individual: Forever!

1/25/2021, 4:13pm


The arachnid hero Poison-Spider was somehow cloned, so now he has a daughter to take care! This may be more than he can handle alone, so he calls in for support from his girlfriend, Hannah Vallery, a.k.a. Devil Angel!

1/21/2021, 5:57pm

Steel Eagle #8

The vigilante of New Ypton, Steel Eagle, has returned home from a day of patrol and taking down criminals, but Steel Eagle is not one person, but two beings! The suit of armor known as GE-1849, or "Swoop", and a human man named Ryan. But before the pair could settle in for the night, a knock at the door draws their attention... Who could be at the door this late? Find out in the next issue of Steel Eagle!

1/19/2021, 12:53pm


The heroine Devil Angel's magic comes from her angelic partner, Mala, but having another person in her head is not all benefits.

12/9/2020, 5:08pm

Steel Eagle #7

After a long day in the city of New Ypton, we now follow the vigilante Steel Eagle, all the way back to his own home...

12/8/2020, 6:06pm


Monstra-Man has ran into a pair of unknown foes, that was until he learned they were monsters who worked for the government?!

11/22/2020, 9:12pm

Kids R' Us

If some kids see an opportunity to get out of class, they will take it, especially when someone else loses their math book.

11/18/2020, 5:34pm

Steel Eagle #6

The vigilante has arrived on the scene of a hostage crisis and has apprehended the suspects as well? Officers Jean Nack and Carlina Mevenda attempt to stop this violent vigilante, but he escapes before they can make a sufficient move. What lays in rest for the city of New Ypton with this seemingly unstoppable vigilante?

11/16/2020, 5:45pm


The gadget hero Grappler has teamed up with Mr. Mystery to take down the villain Mr. Fear! But Mr. Mystery seems far too relaxed for someone called a pro-hero.

11/10/2020, 5:26pm


The arachnid hero Poison-Spider now has a mutant clone daughter to take care of, but is he cut out to be a father?

11/4/2020, 12:36pm

Steel Eagle #5

The vigilante has arrived onto the scene of a hostage crisis, it's now or never for the police to step in to make sure no one gets hurt! But as the street cops Jean Nack and Carlina Mevenda enter the building, they find a scene they didn't expect to see.

11/4/2020, 12:35pm


The monster hero Monstra-Man has seen many strange things, but a pro-hero that tracks by smell is something new.

10/25/2020, 9:22am

Steel Eagle #4

Street cops Jean Nack and Carlina Mevenda arrive on the scene of a robbery turned hostage crises. While waiting for a negotiator to alleviate the situation, the vigilante arrives with a crash...