2/26/2022, 7:45pm

Podcast: February 23, 2022

EMU's Board of Regents reduces graduation credits, approves housing rates, and more. Here more about it by listening to the Eastern Echo News Podcast on your favorite streaming service!

1/20/2022, 9:49am

Podcast: January 18, 2022

Washtenaw County prosecutor and the City of Ypsilanti file lawsuit against an EMU fraternity. Listen to The Echo’s news host discuss this on your favorite streaming platform!

11/3/2021, 9:34pm

Podcast: November 3, 2021

Covid-19 Booster Shots now available in Washtenaw County, increase in felonious assaults in Washtenaw County, and free self defense classes at EMU.

11/3/2021, 9:31pm

Podcast: October 27, 2021

The EMU Board of Regents — $14.2 million renovation of Roosevelt Hall and $52.6 million to financial aid for next academic year, and an EMU professor gets the highest honour from the Federal Republic of Germany.

10/25/2021, 12:31pm

Podcast: October 20, 2021

The Greenhouse at EMU re-opens after being closed due to covid-19 and EMU welcomes its first African American Foundation of Trustees board chair, Dara Munson. 

9/29/2021, 12:48pm

Podcast: September 29, 2021

Park fees were waived for Ypsilanti’s annual domestic violence walk, EMU will be welcoming new autonomous shuttles, and a new restaurant has opened in Depot Town. 

7/31/2021, 5:40pm

Podcast: July 28, 2021

Local Ann Arbor troop raised 60,000 meals during their annual food drive with Food Gatherers. Learn more about it here, or listen on your favorite podcast streaming platform!

7/23/2021, 9:16pm

Podcast: July 21, 2021

Former Eastern track star qualified for this year’s Tokyo Olympics. Listen here, or on your favorite podcast streaming service. 

7/16/2021, 11:34pm

Podcast: July 14, 2021

An Ypsilanti writing center has created art and writing tours across Ypsi. Listen now to find out more about it!

7/8/2021, 12:22am

Podcast: July 7, 2021

Campus buildings impacted by the heaving rainfall, as well as the Carl Parsell scholarship being awarded to an incoming freshman.  Listen here or on your favorite podcast streaming service.

6/30/2021, 4:37pm

Podcast: June 30, 2021

Food Gatherers of Ann Arbor sponsors free summer meal program for the children and young adults of Washtenaw County. Listen here, or on your favorite podcast streaming service!

6/26/2021, 7:58pm

Podcast: June 23, 2021

EMU’s latest Board of Regents meetings held discussion about the new block tuition model, as well as recommendations for the renovations of the 3D Arts Complex. Plus, the EMU Undergraduate Research Stimulus Awards is supporting students partnering with faculty members in scholarly research. Listen here or on your favorite podcast streaming platform! 

6/16/2021, 4:30pm

Podcast: June 16, 2021

Ann Arbor Organization Food Gatherer’s host a fundraiser in place of their annual picnic, and EMU alumnus Jack Roush donates $1 million to our GameAbove College of Engineering and Technology. Also, hear more about Eastern’s Africology and African American studies programs. Listen here right now or on any podcast streaming platform! 

6/10/2021, 3:48pm

Podcast: June 9, 2021

EMU's Fashion Marketing and Design Program gives back to the community through a computer-aided design class, and EMUiNVENT brings young Michigan creators and inventors together in its third year of operation. Listen here, or on your favorite podcast app!

6/3/2021, 1:00am

Podcast: June 2, 2021

The Windgate Foundation donates $2.2 million to fund a 3D Arts Complex at Eastern Michigan University, and Ypsilanti makes plans to build a new public library. Listen to this week’s news recap here or on your favorite podcast app. 

5/20/2021, 12:29pm

Podcast: May 19, 2021

EMU alumnus Daivon Reeder runs for Detroit City Council with campaign manager and fellow alumna Kyra L. Mitchell. In sports news, EMU's cheer team wins a national championship - a first in the program’s history. 

5/19/2021, 9:20am

Podcast: May 14, 2021

EMU continues to offer free COVID-19 throughout the summer, and the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra donates resources to an Ypsilanti school. Geoff Larcom, EMU's Executive Director of Media Relations, celebrates a career in journalism and media while looking forward to his retirement.