Flag-raising creates home on campus for veterans

Two veterans of the U.S. Coast Guard stand in front of a new set of flags near Westview Apartments, which was the site of a ceremony Wednesday that saluted veterans. Every branch of the military is recognized by its own flag.

Eastern Michigan University held a flag-raising ceremony at Westview Apartments on Wednesday, honoring student-veterans on campus.

A flag for each branch of the military, along with the American flag, was raised.
Lewis Savage, assistant director of campus apartments at EMU, said the raising of the flags was the university’s way of telling veterans, “You have a home here.”

“Veterans on campus now have a home [at EMU] both figuratively and literally,” Savage said.
He said the university hasn’t designated any housing specifically for student-veterans, but he expects those veterans electing to live on campus will eventually cluster at Westview Apartments.

“We wanted to create a living environment where [veterans] felt comfortable,” he said. “And actions speak louder than words.”

EMU students chosen to raise a flag for their respective arm of the military include Anthony Corsi, of the National Guard; Adam Dreher, a political science major who was deployed twice to Iraq for the Army; Kim Lorenz, who served in the Navy for four years; John Collingsworth, honorably discharged from the Marine Corps. in 2009 after serving in Iraq; Eric Dziedzic, a 2006 retiree of the Air Force; and Seamen Benjamin Licwinko and Shamere Turner, of the Coast Guard.

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