Auction aids students who have special needs

The Special Education department sponsored an auction event that raised $2,170 for scholarships for special needs students last Thursday.

The live auction began with WXYZ-TV Channel 7 news anchor Vic Faust speaking.

Faust spoke on the importance of helping students with special needs succeed in their lives. The purpose of the auction, he said, was to create “a learning environment that will give special needs students an equal playing field.”

David Winters, head of the special education department, then spoke briefly to thank everyone for their support.

Jason Lang, a graduate student with learning disabilities, said “It is a good thing what they are doing to raise money to go towards scholarships, for students with disabilities.”

Two silent raffles were held for prizes including a chance to ride in a police car and 20 tickets to the Ypsilanti Michigan Fire House.

Attendees vied for tours of radio stations, a tour of the Channel 7 news station, NASCAR race track and a celebrity tour of the Motown Museum in Detroit.

Auctioneer, Steve Gross, said the best bidder of the night was an EMU professor’s son. “He was the heart of the auction,” Gross said. “He won the heads or tails competition and outbid many of the other participators throughout the night. His true contribution was his family’s money to the cause, over 500 dollars over a multitude of different items.”

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