Dress to express personal style, forget what others might think

You walk out of your house to throw out the trash one Monday morning in gray sweatpants and a baggy T-shirt. You see your neighbor in a nice dark suit do the same in his driveway. He looks over and smiles, but then takes a better look at your clothes and cringes a little. You look down at your own clothes and sigh. Why do looks have to matter so much if you are only throwing out your trash?

But the whole point is they should not matter. What you wear is your choice, and no one should judge you for it. Wearing whatever type of clothes you like is a way to express yourself. It is a way to be you, and it is the reason for different styles of clothing. Some people might want to dress in heals and nice dresses or skirts, while other people prefer the gray sweatpants, T-shirt twice their size and tennis shoes. Appearances are not everything, especially when you are only going to the grocery store or the library. There is no need to go crazy over what outfit to wear, when it might get dirty.

However, much also depends on intentions. If you are dressing up to please someone or to get someone’s attention, then there is something wrong there. Dressing in a way comfortable for you is probably the best way to go, and if someone does not like the way you choose to express yourself, then they obviously don‘t see the real you. However, if dressing up is something you like to do ? not to please anyone ? then it is fine. Dressing up should be done for the right reasons.

Of course, there are exceptions to this “rule.” When you are going for a job interview, important dinner or a meeting, appearances are important. This is not something I just came up with.

According to Kate Lorenz, editor of www.CareerBuilder.com, “When you walk into an interview, remember this: It only takes 30 seconds to make a lasting impression.”
It is always good to look your best for such occasions. If the job requires a nice suit like your neighbors’, then you should buy one and wear it. First impressions do a world of good, so dressing nicely for a nerve-wracking job interview will help you the minute you show up at the door.

Dressing up in however way you like is a way to express yourself, so it should not matter what other people think. After all, we have the freedom of expression, right?

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