Police Blotter

Feb. 16
On the night of Feb. 12, a collection of jewelry was stolen from the Olds-Robb Recreation Center. Because the owner of the jewelry did not return until after the weekend of Feb.14, she did not report the theft until Feb. 16 around midnight. The culprit was soon identified and charged with burglary.

Another student’s property was stolen from the Convocation Center on Feb. 16 around 5 p.m. The student reported a watch had been stolen from the Convocation office. No suspect has yet been identified, and anyone with any information regarding the missing watch must contact DPS.

A student looking for extra finances stole a number of credit cards from an Oakwood Street residence. However, the owner of the credit cards reported the missing plastic quickly and the student was soon found attempting to use the devices. The student was arrested for fraudulent use of a financial transaction device, and full charges are pending.

Feb. 17
An exceedingly drunk EMU student was approached by DPS in the Ford Lot around 1 a.m. The student was visibly intoxicated and making threats to others in the parking lot. Soon, the student turned on DPS and became violent with the officers. DPS attempted to subdue the student, but the subject instead decided to flee. The subject stumbled and was soon arrested and charged with assault, battery and resisting arrest.

Feb. 19 *A group of students was attempting to sell stolen merchandise in the Student Center in the early afternoon. A suspicious student reported the alleged vendors to DPS around 4 p.m. Upon investigation, DPS confirmed the students were hustling stolen goods. The group was arrested for retail fraud, as well as possession of false IDs.

Feb. 20
A non-student was found trespassing in Hill Hall at around 4 a.m. The night watch notified DPS, but the subject fled the scene before anyone arrived. It has not yet been confirmed who snuck into Hill Hall or why he or she did it. Anyone with any information regarding the trespasser must contact DPS.

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