Socialists miss point on Haiti

I am writing this in response to the Students for Social Equality protesting the U.S. aid to Haiti, something I find disgusting. Thousands are dead and the U.S. military is leading a worldwide effort to bring clothes, food and medicine to suffering people who need it and a group on campus is protesting this, because they see it as an act of “U.S. Imperialism.” Are you serious? Liberals often accuse conservatives of “not caring about the poor and the needy,” and yet here is a left-wing group essentially saying we should just let the Haitians fend for themselves. Although to be fair this should come as no surprise, seeing as how it’s coming from a bunch of Socialists. This is a group so blinded by their own radical left-wing ideology that they can’t bring themselves to acknowledge when the U.S. does something positive. Socialists continually blame the U.S. and capitalism for inequality and human suffering, but they turn a blind eye to the fact that Socialist governments have killed over 100 million people worldwide. I’ve been to the former USSR. Socialism doesn’t bring equality, it brings poverty. Clement Daly says he wants the ISSE’s message heard. Well I hope people do go to his meeting, so they can see firsthand what Socialism really is. It’s an oppressive totalitarian system of control fueled by a hatred of individualism and disrespect for human life, and it has no relevant place in modern society.

Sincerely, Jason Hendricks
Political Science

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