Enhancing Club Halle with new name, new programs for students

Club Halle will become “Occupy Halle” and be updated with new programs, according to Student Government

Director of Student Relations Holly Knick. The new slogan was chosen by students in an online poll.

According to Knick, the cost of Occupy Halle is undetermined, because the invoices are not yet in. However, she said that the cost to Student Government will be lower because the Residence Hall Association is providing

Student Government will start the event Wednesday at 10 p.m. The opening night will feature a late-night continental breakfast with food provided by RHA.

“That time is where a lot of people aren’t stressing out about finals yet, and are still in a good mood that school is ending soon,” Knick said. “It’s a very happy and relaxed time.”

Following the kickoff, Occupy Halle will continue through finals week with extended library hours and a series of programs put on by members of Student Government.

“All the programs we’re doing are geared towards focusing, relaxing and mainly studying,” Knick said.

One of the events is a music therapy program, organized by Desmond Miller and the Music Therapy Students Association.

“The class will relax students and put them at ease during the hectic time of finals,” Miller said.

Other programs will include a morning yoga class, a sleep room and massages. Also part of Occupy Halle will be facilitated study sessions, sponsored by Sigma Delta Tau.

The goal of the sessions is to “make sure people are productive while they’re there,” Knick explained.

Knick said she’s been planning Occupy Halle for months and is looking forward to seeing her plans in action.

“I’m excited for the programs, just to see how people use it,” she said. “It’s always a reassuring thing that people are utilizing something we’re doing.”

Desmond Miller was also excited about the changes taking place.

“It seems like it’s going to be more beneficial to students this semester,” Miller said. “We’re taking it to the next level.”

Jeff Chicoine, the outgoing Student Government vice president, expressed his desire for the continued growth of Club Halle.

“I hope that as the years go on, not only Student Government and RHA, but a lot of different groups on campus can come together and create an environment conducive to studying,” he said. “That’s ultimately what I would hope our vision for finals week is.”

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