Michigan GOP keeping out of people's pockets but invading women's skirts

“Elbow.” Imagine being suspended from class for calling out a part of the human anatomy during an open discussion about the body.

That is essentially what happened to Democratic State Rep. Lisa Brown last week as she spoke against the Michigan House Republicans’ effort to make Michigan the most restrictive state on abortion.

As Brown was wrapping up her speech, she finished by saying, “Finally Mr. Speaker, I’m flattered that you’re all so interested in my vagina, but ‘no’ means ‘no.’”

The following day, House Speaker James “Jase” Bolger revoked Brown’s House floor speaking privileges. She was silenced. Democratic State Rep. Barb Byrum was also banned from speaking because of her opposition to the radical abortion bill.

According to The Detroit News, Brown was silenced because some GOP [men] were offended by the word “vagina,” which is the proper medical term according to my own Google search of several medical websites.

Really? Would they have been less offended if she used “lady cave” instead?

Why do Republicans so adamantly defend keeping government out of people’s pockets, but continuously insist on invading women’s skirts?

Is the U.S. Republican Party becoming the Western version of the Taliban? Would the GOP men have been offended if one of their colleagues used the term “penis” while debating a contentious bill prohibiting men from having vasectomies, even though their doctors recommended it for their personal health? I doubt it. They would argue for men’s health.

To many in the GOP, life would be better if women would simply go back to playing Betty Draper and serving a traditional role. For those of you under 50 years old, the traditional role was cooking, cleaning and breeding (with your husband of course).

Are these big, bad boys in the GOP feeling a bit threatened by women?

After all, women outnumber men in college graduation. And just a few months ago author Liza Mundy’s book, “The Richer Sex,” sparked lots of discussion about how women are the primary income earners in many families.

Last week’s silencing in the State House and the passing of the abortion bill was more an exercise of power. Although some conservatives do oppose abortion because of deeply held beliefs, it is more a way to display power and have control over females.

Not allowing the women these radical laws will affect to speak on the topic should alarm the public. Having a Taliban-like political party controlling our lives is more frightening than a female boss.

And if a female representative is silenced again for saying vagina, I suggest she smile to the Speaker and graciously extend her digitus medius, such a silent act can speak volumes.

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