Unplug EMU: Leave cell at home, try these tips

The National Day of Unplugging, March 1, is a day devoted to letting go of our technological dependency. Just for a day, you can leave your cellphone at home, turn off your computer and take a respite from the swirl of text messages and emails that we often let run our lives.

Eastern Michigan University will be hosting its own event, Unplug EMU, in the Multi-cultural Lounge in King Hall Wednesday from 5-7 p.m. The event is Learning Beyond the Classroom approved and will feature live acoustic music, food and prizes.

Of course, to many people breaking away from technology for 24 hours straight may seem like an impossible task. So, we’ve created an EMU Sabbath Manifesto to help guide your day and to help try and drive home some of the messages the National Day of Unplugging hopes to bring awareness to.

1. Avoid technology: Close your computer, turn off your cellphone and ignore the TV, the news, Facebook, Twitter and your email. It’s less scary than it sounds. No, really—it is.

2. Plug into EMU: Did you know there are more than 23,000 students at EMU? Why not go out and meet a few of them?

3. De-stress: As students, we’re constantly in motion. We study for exams, write papers and never really give ourselves a chance to relax. Take this opportunity to de-stress and de-clutter.

4. Explore campus: Ever been to the Sherzer Observatory? How about the gazebo outside the Student Center?

5. Sleep: Take a nap or go to bed at 9 p.m. and wake up at 9 a.m. Pure bliss.

6. Get creative: Break out an old board game or a deck of cards. Be a kid again and play with some toys.

7. Reconnect: Spend some time with family members and loved ones.

8. Eat: If you’re on campus, try out the Dining Commons. If you’re off campus, but close by—try exploring new places: Sidetrack Bar and Grill and Tower Inn Café are in walking distance and are always a good time.

9. Hang loose: aka do nothing. Yes, take the time to do absolutely nothing. Find peace by not worrying about unread and unsent emails or updating your Facebook status.

10. Get involved: Join one of EMU’s more than 340 clubs, teams or campus organizations.

Why not use the time away from your computer to explore these options?

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