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The Eastern Echo Tuesday, May 28, 2024 | Print Archive
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Preservation Studies Students Hold Exhibit in McKenny Hall

On April 17 from 3-4 p.m., the McKenney Gallery will be holding a Grand Opening Exhibit

The exhibit is called “Let’s Get Physical: EMU’s Pioneering Efforts in Athletics and Sports.” This exhibit is hosted by graduate students in the preservation studies program. The exhibit is part of a series of recurring events.

On the program's Facebook page, it states in their intro “The McKenny Gallery features a rotating collection of historical photos and artifacts from Eastern Michigan University and features student run-exhibits.”

“The purpose of this event is to showcase the skills that are learned by students in the Preservation Studies program, specifically the course, Developing Museum Exhibits, where we learn how to plan and execute an exhibit,” event lead Akiia Ridley said.

She also spoke about how the students in the course applied their ability to research the University Archives for a “big idea,” she said. “This year, the topic is sports at EMU. This is also an opportunity to showcase some of the cool artifacts that we have in the University Archives”.

With this being an open exhibit, students are welcome to come and participate.

“Students who attend the event will learn more about sports at EMU. This year’s exhibit features stories that students may not be aware of, such as highlighting pioneers and playmakers who aided in the development of the sports programs, beginning with the physical education department,” Ridley said. "This event will also provide an opportunity for students to learn more about what the University Archives has available as tools for research. The event also provides a cool opportunity for students to learn more about the Preservation Studies graduate program”.

The Facebook page also offers previews about what artifacts will be shown at the exhibit. Anyone interested in the exhibition should go to the “McKenny Gallery Facebook page” for any more information about the exhibit.