Fajita Fest connects students and organizations

This year’s annual Fajita Festival saw record numbers of freshman students connecting with all Eastern Michigan University has to offer.

The annual EMU Fajita Fest offers one of the largest opportunities for new and returning students to connect with student organizations, clubs, opportunities and social groups around campus. This year’s fest saw record numbers of students getting involved and taking an interest in the diverse and unique programs EMU has to offer.

Karah Broaddus, daughter of an EMU alumnus, is attending Eastern as a freshman working towards her degree in criminology. Touring the Fajita Fest, she took an interest in many of the mentor programs.

“There were so many here today it was hard to remember all of them,” Broaddus said.
EMU offers students a plethora of opportunities to become immersed in campus life. Charlene Gamble, a freshman in the accounting program, looks forward to “meeting new people” as the school year gears up to begin.

EMU’s student government was on hand talking with freshman about the opportunities available on campus. Director of Communications Adam Reid and President Desmond Miller urge each of our students to “get involved on campus” and know “there is truly something for everyone.”

Students browsing the booths set up at the festival found themselves immersed in such groups as the National Leadership and Honors Organization and Nonprofit Leadership Alliance. Sigma Alpha Lambda, the National Leadership and Honors Organization’s mission is to recognize members for academic achievement, engage members in service and develop members for leadership roles.
EMU freshman Taylor Smith browsed opportunities available to get involved in community service. Taylor, an incoming nursing student, said she is “looking forward to meeting new people and getting involved.” Her twin sister, Courtney Smith, also a freshman in the criminology program, took an interest in the many sororities hosted here on campus.

Nonprofit Leadership Alliance is a national organization made up of colleges, universities and nonprofit organizations that dedicates itself to assisting students of all majors in education, preparations and certifications designed to generate future leaders.

In addition, the U.S. Air Force R.O.T.C was on hand to provide opportunities for students to serve the country and grow in their careers. Brian Shaw, representative for the R.O.T.C described the program as, “the college experience with the flavor of the military.”

Freshman and returning students found groups representing a variety of interests in campus as well, including the Chemistry Club, EMU’s oldest group, celebrating 103 years of activities. The club’s motto is “first in tradition and excellence.” Other interest groups at the Fajita Fest included a variety of spiritual and political clubs such as the EMU College Republican Club, Students for Liberty and the Japanese Student Association.

Many spiritual and ethnic groups on campus were represented offering students support while attending college. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People took this opportunity to invite students to upcoming events such as the “How Deep is Your Wallet” event, which is focused on financial management. Spiritual groups, such as the Adventist Students for Christ and Catholics on Campus, welcomed students of all religious backgrounds to join in the various activities throughout the school year geared towards educational growth and opportunities for everyone.

One of the highly attractive parts of Fajita Fest included EMU’s various sports and athletic groups.
This year Fajita Fest included a diverse range of activities including rowing, Ultimate Frisbee, tennis, boxing and mixed martial arts fighting, encouraging students to join whether for fun or for competition. In addition, many sororities and fraternities were in attendance, recruiting new and returning students to join in the culture of Greek life.

For a complete listing of all the clubs and organizations on campus, students can check out the Campus Life section at campuslife.emich.edu. For each organization, students can find upcoming events, gathering and meetings.

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