The top five must-have hair care products


If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the hair must be the curtains. If you’re anything like me, one of the first things you notice about someone is their hair, so it’s only natural to want to groom your own glorious tresses to meet their potential.

To get the most out of your hair, you need to pamper it and give it the tender love and care it deserves. Sure, it can be fun to curl and straighten and dye and style it, but like an overstressed college kid, too much work can make hair frazzled and weak. What do you do when your hair needs to unwind? Give it some loving in the form of products, of course. Here are some of my top picks for must-have hair care items.

Dry shampoo: I fell in love with dry shampoo over the summer when I dyed my hair blue. When it comes to unusual hair colors, shampooing every day can cause your brightly colored locks to fade quickly, and even if your hair is 100 percent natural, washing your hair too often can dry it out and rob it of its natural oils.

You can help keep the healthy oils in your hair by washing it every other day. Typically, I shower with my hair balled up into a shower cap and, after drying off; I spray my hair with Not Your
Mother’s dry shampoo. It’s cheap and has a light, fresh scent, and your hair won’t feel gross or oily throughout the day.

Natural shampoo: I have an addiction – I’m in love with the store called LUSH in Briarwood Mall in Ann Arbor. If you’re the kind of person who shops at Whole Foods and digs the whole organic thing, LUSH is your cosmetic heaven. Lately, I’ve been trying to get healthier, and of course, my hair felt like the best place to start.

Blousey, made with bananas, is my personal favorite and does wonders for chemically treated hair. The shampoo itself doesn’t exactly smell like a fruit salad, but at least it’s not mayonnaise or eggs.
Argan oil: Not to be confused with the noble gas, argan oil is rich in fatty acids obtained from the Moroccan argan tree. The oil has been used for culinary purposes, but its use in cosmetics has recently spiked in popularity.

DermOrganic makes an argan oil leave-in treatment that smells great and leaves your hair soft and shiny. Another option is Oil-licious by göt2b, which has white grape and marula oil in addition to argan to tame frizz easily. The oil can be pretty pricy, so shop around for a brand that won’t drain your wallet.

A reliable hairspray: I was never a hairspray person. For a brief phase in high school I teased my hair every day, but I’ve warmed up to the product lately.

Hairspray rarely smells delectable, so find a perfume especially made for your locks because it contains less alcohol that could dry it out. In my experience, a higher-end hairspray really doesn’t make all that much of a difference, so stick to cheaper brands. Suave’s Max Hold is a good choice, and for all of you Eastern Michigan University students reading, you can even get it at the Marketplace with Flex dollars.

Heat protection spray: If you curl, straighten or blow dry at all, don’t even think about not owning a heat protector. Heat styling is one of the quickest ways to dry out and damage your hair, but it’s still a part of a lot of people’s morning routines, so it’s necessary to at least take precautions.
TRESemme and göt2b both make good and inexpensive heat protecting sprays, so try each one out and see which works best. CHI also makes great products, but for a steeper price.

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