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The Eastern Echo Sunday, June 16, 2024 | Print Archive
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The Ypsilanti water tower on a sunny day.

Opinion: Top 5 cures for boredom in Ypsilanti

Looking for things to do near campus? Here are some of my favorites

Whether you are new to the area, maybe a freshman at EMU looking for things to do, or simply searching for more experiences in the town, Ypsilanti has a plethora of amazing spots to check out from food to nature, shopping and more. Here are some of my favorite cures for boredom in Ypsilanti:

Check out the parks

Just minutes from campus, there are beautiful parks to visit in Ypsilanti. Among many others, both Riverside and Frog Island parks are super close, with bridges over the Huron River and trails to walk on or take a bike ride. During times of stress, being outside in nature is one of my favorite ways to ease my mind and calm any anxiety. While I haven’t taken advantage of the parks too much during my past couple of years at EMU, I definitely plan to visit them way more this semester. These destinations can also be perfect for having a picnic with friends or a lover, or having a relaxing getaway all by yourself. Whether you are an outdoors person or not, checking out the parks in Ypsi at some point is a must.

Eat amazing food

If you are a food lover like myself, there is a wide variety of delicious restaurants to check out in Ypsilanti. Whether you enjoy food from all over the world, or a simple burger or pizza, this city is full of amazing places to eat. Some of my favorites include the new West African cuisine Bon Appetit, Got Burger, authentic Mexican family business La Torre Taqueria, Black-owned soul food joint Brookie’s Cafe, Lucky 7 Chinese, and Mr. Pizza. From quick takeout to beautiful sit down family restaurants, there is always something new to try when you are looking for a bite to eat. Also, if you are a coffee addict too, try Cross Street Coffee or Cultivate, both cute local coffee shops. Looking to go on a nice date or simply a midnight snack? One of the places I mentioned, as well as tons more in Ypsilanti, will surely cater to the meal you desire.  

Go to the various shops

Downtown Ypsi has a range of interesting small businesses to check out and support, from antique vintage shops, to hot clothing stores and witchy wonders. Some of my personal favorites include the spiritual supplies shop Evenstar’s Chalice, crystal wonderland World of Rocks, and Brick & Mortar Modern General Store, which are full of Detroit and Ypsilanti inspired art, jewelry, and more. Recently, I also noticed Puffer Reds, a family-owned clothing store with a culture of exclusive lifestyle fashion, which has apparently become a hot spot for celebrities, musicians, and athletes alike. The array of small business owners with intriguing stories gives Ypsilanti a family-like community feel that I really love. Whether you’re looking to purchase something special or simply want something to do, checking out the shops I mentioned and tons more in the area can create a great day of magic. 

Get a tattoo or piercing

While some parents may not like my next suggestion, getting body modifications is something that many people find fun. There are many super talented tattoo artists in Ypsilanti, from my personal favorite CJ Cook at Depot Town Tattoo, to the amazing women at Brite Idea, and a handful more. If you want a simple piercing, you can head right off campus to Tatted Up, where they offer all piercings for just $30. Whether it’s an impulse decision or a thought out plan, tattoos and piercings can be a fun way to spice up your day and always come with a great story to tell. 

Have fun in Ann Arbor

Ypsilanti does have a good amount of hidden treasures and things to do for a chill day, but if you want to have more fun with friends, taking the super short drive to Ann Arbor is a must. You can go bowling at Revel & Roll, play some arcade games at Pinball Pete’s, or turn up and dance at Necto nightclub. While I personally love the chill and unique ambience in Ypsilanti, heading to Ann Arbor is great when you are looking to have a more upbeat night. The close city also has tons of great restaurants and places to check out, making it super easy to create a fun day still close to campus. 

There is something for everyone in this college town, no matter where you’re from or what you’re interested in. From fun nights out to peaceful sights, Ypsilanti is more than meets the eye.