Why should you be homecoming royalty?

Shara Cabay and Adam Reid

Shara: “Adam and I should be the next King and Queen because we both have a strong sense of pride and love for the University. It’s our senior year and we strive to encourage others to have a positive view and fun time here at EMU. As individuals and even more as a team, Adam and I are very diverse and so is EMU…we are great representatives and TRUEMU!”

Michelle Carter and Martin Urbaniak

Michelle: “I think that we should be crowned King and Queen because Martin and I have such a passion for Eastern Michigan University. We both came in as tour guides together in 2011 and have been great friends ever since. We help other future students find their passion for EMU every single day at work and around campus. We have a strong connection and love hanging out and laughing.
We have been very active on Eastern’s campus and continue to bleed GREEN every day. We have done many photo shoots for EMU, blogged for the University and also attend many of the athletic events. We love it here because it is home.”

Martin: “Michelle Carter and I would serve as a great homecoming court because we reflect the
spirit of EMU. Working as tour guides (and now as Tours Coordinators) we not only have enthusiasm and love for our university, but we then turn around and present that love to the tens of thousands of guests that visit our university every year. As a Resident Advisor, I help the transition for my residents from high school to college, serve as a resource, and provide programming and overall am another part of the resident’s EMU family. We are also catalysts in regards to the promotion of spirit of our school. As the president of the Eagle Nation Fan Section, I (along with the board of ENFS) worked a number of hours with Marketing and the student body to muster up those who want to come and cheer on our athletic teams at their respective events, and logistically how that could be done.”

Shannon Gruschke & Antonios Chionis

Shannon: “I believe that I should win Homecoming Queen because I have a good representation of Eastern Michigan University. This is because I am a Resident Advisor, decorated the show rooms, acted as a guide and leader to freshmen, I hosted Colors in Harmony, I helped created ads for EMU, and created a fun and friendly atmosphere on campus. My partner Antonios and I created a cooking show for students to show them how to cook and eat healthier and affordable meals. We are as sweet as it gets and we really connected with our fellow eagles through this process. We are one big family! And I am a proud to be an Eagle. That is why I deserve to be Homecoming Queen.”

Chelsea Vincent & Austin Hays

Chelsea: “Vote for us because we are a true representation of what an EMU king and queen should be. We take great pride in our education, Austin is pursuing a degree in business marketing and I plan on going to Graduate School for Higher Education and Student Affairs, We have been able to meet so many people and form many new relationships throughout our time at EMU so far, we are students who have a genuine love for EMU, we Respect all of our fellow Homecoming candidates and EMU students, so as you can see we support the EMU Creed in more ways than one. This University has given so much to us! Eastern Michigan University has given us opportunities to learn and grow as a person, helped us become who we are today, and provided a home away from home that we never could have found anywhere else so we hope that by being elected as EMU’s 2013 Homecoming King and Queen that is something small that we could do in return for Eastern Michigan University. Thank you everyone so much for your support and votes! Go Eagles and BEAT BALL STATE! :)”

Ebony Walls & Bader Yousef

Bader: “We would like to serve as EMU’s 2013 Homecoming King and Queen so that we can provide the external community of a positive image of what “TRUEMU” resembles. A TRUEMU student empower others to live with Integrity within our own community and EMU as well. We are advocates of serving the student body, and bridging the gap between the EMU and Ypsilanti Community. A TRUEMU student is a leader. We have the ability to help and guide our fellow student body to become actively evolve on campus, while creating positive change within others lives. A TRUEMU student is a scholar. We strive for academic excellence, by exceeding what is expected of us. A TRUEMU student believes in the importance of relationships, by connecting and networking with our fellow classmates, co-workers, and mentors.”

Jennifer Walls & Josh Richardson

Josh: “Jenn and I are the best contestants for Homecoming King and Queen because I think we try to represent what we love about EMU. We’re both multifaceted people who are involved in many different areas of campus, and we love the diversity and culture represented here at EMU. We live by the values that are set forth in EMU’s Creed: Integrity, Respect, Education, and Relationships, and we love how much the University has helped as grow and mature as people.”

Brooke Nemchak & Ryan Poling

Ryan: “Brooke and I should be King and Queen because we love EMU to death!!! EMU has made us the people that we are, and given us our future careers. We are massively involved, especially with orientation, welcoming new students to EMU, where we have both worked for years and in Greek Life too! We would do ANYTHING to give back to this amazing school.”

Amber Lawson & Willie Brown

Amber: “Willie and I have been supporters of this university since our first days here. Standing next to Willie now as seniors, it is hard to see our days here end. Being involved in so many performance venues, I have seen Willie support so many students here at Eastern without being asked nor recognized. Willie holds such a beautiful heart and is a prime example of what it is to be TRUEMU, from his support, to his studies, his work with athletics and his personality. Willie is exactly the type of person you want to be around. I have put forth so much of my efforts into supporting eastern. I root to the end of every game, applaud every performance and try to engage and communicate with as many students and staff around me. Finally, I have put forth so much effort into being the best eagle I can be, doing my best to be a student example, welcoming, helpful and fun. I love learning names, remembering faces and checking in on how other success here at the university is going. Willie and I have warm hearts, fun jokes and a good time, representing our campus CREED with two big smiles and positive attitude.”

(Editor’s note: Allyson Daraban or Patrick Seick had not responded as of press date.)

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