Learning a new language can open doors to you

Language is an aspect of daily life. Learning foreign languages provides a unique experience, opening up many avenues in life. Because of this, it is important to encourage the continued inclusion of foreign language curriculum in schools and further study in universities.

If no one saw an importance in learning different languages, global information would be limited. Instead of our vastly globalized culture, we would all be isolated in our small corners of the world. Each would be pursuing their own cultural goals with little to no knowledge of the world around them. This will minimize the progress of technology, job opportunities, travel and so much more.

Personally, I have a great love for German and have taken the time and effort to learn more about it. I have several family members currently living in Germany, and I have developed a basic understanding of communication to talk with them. I have gained this knowledge from two years of high school courses and now that I am in college, I aim to further my knowledge of the language and culture. I have learned history from the German perspective and the hidden beauty in the phonics of the language. It has opened my eyes up to an new and fascinating culture.

Learning a language encompasses much more than simply receiving the credits. Learning a language will give you the opportunity experience new people and new possibilities. As I mentioned from personal experience, it can alter how a person looks at certain cultures.

For my senior trip, I went to Costa Rica, and being immersed in the culture was an amazing experience. I went barely knowing any Spanish or anything about the culture. It’s a surreal feeling to be immersed in a culture which is alien to that which you are used to.
Within the eight days I was there, I learned from the people and picked up many Spanish phrases. I invested in the people’s lives so much so that I am still in touch with them. Being willing to learn and experience the culture and language created bonds that are lasting against time, culture and distance.

Language is unique and exciting. I have learned more about myself and others in furthering my language studies. I was fortunate to learn under a wonderful, passionate high school teacher and now I am fortunate to learn from the knowledgeable and engaging professors here.

Investing in different cultures leaves a lasting impact on your life and the lives of those you interact with. Having had these sorts of experiences, I am very excited for the various study abroad opportunities that EMU offers. Whether it is for business, education or language majors, I encourage you to talk with the advisers about study abroad opportunities to experience something like I have for yourself.

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