Wiard’s Orchard offers many activities

At Wiard’s Orchard in Ypsilanti, there are countless activities to satisfy that comforting fall feeling. During the day hours you can take a short drive away from the college town to find yourself in a beautiful red, yellow and orange oasis of changing leaves.

Follow the sign to Wiard’s and arrive to discover pumpkins, hayrides, inflatables, games, an animal farm and pick-your-own apples.

After a day of roaming the orchard and visiting each attraction there is nothing more perfect than taking a hayride at sunset with friends or a significant other, along with free donuts and cider afterward, Wiard’s on a gorgeous sunny day in the crisp fall is just what we college students need to get away from the stress of classes.

Fall fun reminds you of family and truly will put a smile on anyone’s face. From smiles to screams, when darkness hits the orchard, it turns into a frightening haunted nightmare.

Mr. Wiard has had many encounters with supernatural instances and has many stories of what has happened on his land.

Around Halloween time, brave souls can stay out later and face one or even all six Night Terrors. Wiard’s historically haunted lands will send even the most macho people running for their lives.

You think you can handle haunted houses? How about try a haunted asylum, hayride, labyrinth, barn, mining shaft and herd of alien clowns? Scared yet? Wiard’s Orchard has something to offer and entertain people of any age.

Whether you’re looking for an enjoyable pumpkin picking, cider sipping afternoon or a terrifying, jumpy and jolty night, Wiard’s is the fall destination worth checking out.

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