Commuters face car trouble, treacherous weather

A person struggles to walk in the strong wind gusts, as vehicles pass on Bristol Road in Burton, Mich., on Monday Jan. 6, 2014. (Ryan Garza/Detroit Free Press/MCT)

After days of facing extremely cold weather, students from all over are dealing with car trouble and heading to the mechanic.

According to WDIV Local 4, the mechanic is one of the busiest places at this time. They said Troy Auto Glass has been repairing windshields because some are popping out while others are cracking due to the cold weather.

Anji Martin, a commuter at Eastern Michigan University, doesn’t feel safe driving to be at school for a few hours in poor conditions.

“I appreciated school being called the past two days,” Martin said. “I have cold-induced asthma so being out in this weather can be life-threatening for me. I wish that EMU had at least called off the morning classes tomorrow.”

Some students’ vehicles would not start from being outside for a long time and needed a jump. Martin said nowhere in driver’s ed did she learn how to handle a situation where cars break down.

“I’m reading about reports where cars are stuck in eight foot snow drifts and driving over an inch of ice or more on the roads,” Martin said. “My car is a normal car. It doesn’t have four wheel drive so if I start sliding, I’m done for.”

Even though classes were canceled for two days, Martin noticed a bunch of unhappy updates from students on social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, about classes resuming on Wednesday.

“It’s still going to be a real-feel well below zero and the wind chill advisory keeps getting pushed down,” Martin said. “Under those circumstances, waiting four hours to make sure temperatures are normal would have been a good idea. Furthermore, over 500 schools and school districts called off tomorrow but Eastern is still open.”

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