Smoke-free campus versus tobacco-free campus—

Eastern Michigan University’s Student Senate met on Tuesday, Feb. 11 at the Student Center to discuss various agenda items including a proposal for a smoke-free campus.

There are some differences associated with the meaning behind a “tobacco-free” campus and a “smoke-free” one. A smoke-free campus would limit or eliminate the use of smoke-producing tobacco. The resolution was primarily written to ensure the health of others when it comes to second-hand smoke. With the smoke-free policy, other areas will be designated for people to continue to smoke.

A tobacco-free proposal would limit or eliminate all tobacco products, including spit tobacco and smokeless products.

The smoke-free resolution was then voted on and was passed 13 in favor and 8 opposed to the bill.

New ombuds Chiara Hensley—

Ombuds is Chiara Hensley’s official position at Eastern Michigan University. When Hensley took over, it was decided that the position name would change from ombudsman to ombuds in the name of gender-inclusion. The photo included in the previous article was not Hensley but Director of Diversity and Community Involvement Reggie Barnes with EMU student Jennifer Dumas, who won the MLK Humanitarian Award this year.

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