Eagle Journey: Sarah Chauchard

Sarah Chauchard

Eagle Journey is a Q & A series in which Sports Editor Eugene Evans will get to know some of the Eastern Michigan University student-athletes and why they chose to come here.

This week’s feature focuses on senior multi-position track and field athlete Sarah Chauchard, from Montpellier, France.

Coach Sue Parks on discovering Chauchard: I discovered her name through an international recruiter. We contacted her, and she decided that she was interested in EMU. The admissions process was somewhat lengthy since she is a transfer, but it all worked out in the end.

Parks on Chauchard’s dedication to being the best: Sarah is a very hard worker and a fierce competitor, and we are very pleased to have her on our team. Even though she set our school record in the pentathlon, she was not totally satisfied with how she did. She is a very motivated athlete who expects the best out of herself.

Eugene Evans: What school did you attend before transferring to EMU?

Sarah Chauchard: I spent three years at the University of Montpellier where I earned my diploma in management studies.

EE: How was the transition moving from France to the United States?

*SC: *The transition was difficult at first because I had to get a bunch of paperwork cleared to move to the United States, which took an entire year.

EE: What is the difference between running track at EMU compared to Montpellier?

SC: At Montpellier, I had to pay for all of our expenses compared to EMU, where everything is organized. What I mean by organized is that I don’t have to pay out of pocket for my equipment and there are trainers available to take care of me in case I get injured.

EE: After your athletic eligibility runs out in the spring, what will your academic plans be like?

SC: I am currently on track to graduate in the winter semester of 2015 with a bachelor’s in exercise science.

EE: What are you looking to do after you graduate?

SC: I would like to go back to France and enroll in a business school somewhere in the city of Paris. I don’t know which school I want to go at the moment.

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