Student Body President Miller running for re-election

EMU Student Body President Desmond Miller

Eastern Michigan University Student Body President Desmond Miller is running for re-election. This will be the first time since 1980 that a student has decided to run for another term. Miller is also unopposed at this point.

Miller said that he decided to run again because there are still so many things he wants to accomplish for the students at EMU.

He said that because he is unopposed, if there are no write-in candidates, he would automatically win.
His current vice president is Nino Monea, but Monea is graduating this year. Steven Cole is Miller’s running mate for the vice president position next year.

“I really love what I do,” Miller said. “I love student government. I love what it’s all about.”

During his time as president, Miller has continued the process of better parking for students on campus, the passing of the undocumented students policy and developing a stronger and tighter relationship with the surrounding communities of Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor.

He and the senate have reached out to all of EMU’s student organizations in the hopes to also strengthen ties with the students involved with those clubs..

“We’ve focused on safety and an open dialogue with city council about safety measurements off-campus,” Miller said. “Making sure that parking is free on the weekends at the meters. That’s something that the board will vote on either at the late March meeting or at the June meeting.”

He also said that he and the senate have worked hard to give a voice to the students at EMU and students are always welcome to come and talk about any issues or concerns they have.

Miller said that students should care about the election because it is important for them to voice their opinions on what they need to see changed or what he needs to do better.

Student Government Communications Director Adam Reid agreed with Miller about how important it is to know what is happening with EMU’s Student Government.

Miller added that if he and Cole do win the election, he hopes to continue to make improvements for the students like parking, better Wi-Fi and a 24-hour library.

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