Student Government proposes free weekend parking at meters

Eastern Michigan University’s Student Government is proposing an initiative that would ensure the parking at the meters on campus become free of charge to patrons using the spots during weekend hours.

The statement, written by Student Body President Desmond Miller and soon to be presented in front of the Student Affairs Committee and the Board of Regents, states that students, friends and family members will not be given the financial burden of having to pay at the meters, or if a student runs back to his or her dorm because of a forgotten item, they won’t feel the pressure of being ticketed.

“There used to be free parking,” Miller said.

Student Government Communications Director Adam Reid said that people don’t want to have to think about rushing out to put money in the meters when they’re busy with lunch or something else.

If the issue is recognized and the policy is changed, parking on campus would be free on the weekends beginning in the spring 2014.

Miller said that this initiative will definitely help benefit the parents and other people who wish to come visit their relatives who are attending EMU.

He said he understands that there is a bit of revenue involved with making people pay at the meters on the weekends, but there is not enough coming in to make any difference.

Miller said that it is also a hassle for people to have to constantly run out to the meters when their time is up and put more money in. They risk being ticketed if they happen to forget, even for a short period of time.

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