Honors organization hopes for new start

In the winter season of 1909, an organization called the Stoic Society made their mark on the campus of Eastern Michigan University by being one of the first self-proclaimed honors organizations on campus.

The Stoic Society was best known for its interests in community service, as well as hosting a big banquet that celebrates its members by awarding scholarships to participants.

Over the years, the organization has lost its luster, but with a new executive board taking control there are some plans for a much-needed makeover.

“I think we were equipped with ideas,” Stoic Society President Sarah Schmitz said. “I’ve seen presidents in the past have good ideas, but they never use them.”

An obstacle that this organization has faced is the lack of incoming members. But, with the plans that Schmitz has, it appears all of that is poised to change.

Schmitz, along with Michele Snyder and Dan Mercer, have had little guidance on how to revive this organization, but with a burning desire to carry on the legacy of the Stoic Society, they have banded together and spewed ideas that are sure to attract attention. They are committed to this organization without knowing what to expect, which makes them even more dedicated to the Stoic Society.

“We’re really excited and motivated for our future,” Schmitz said.

Back in the day, the Stoic Society used to host a banquet that would consist of good food, and an award ceremony that would consist of handing out scholarships to members who worked hard in the organization. The Stoic Society is excited about bringing back this banquet and is anticipating a good turnout.

“We might not get a lot of members, but the ones we do get are passionate,” said Mercer.

Mercer has been a member of the Stoic Society for quite some time and has seen the many changes in the organization. One change he is excited to see this year is students becoming interested in being a part of the organization that he cherishes. At their first meeting there were 23 in attendance and 39 applications turned in. The organization started the year with only three members.

To become a member of the Stoic Society you need to be more than dedicated, you need to have excellence.

The Stoic Society has a requirement of at least a 3.0 GPA, membership fees of $25 for new members, $20 for returning, and a duty to participate in social and service events. There are also requirements that a potential member won’t see in the bylaws of the organizations handbook, which is kindness.

“We’re going to team up with a student and help her with a community service that she has for class to help her along,” Schmitz said.

The Stoic Society goes above and beyond to touch the hearts of the students on the campus of EMU when they aren’t spending time tending to their studies.

Another great thing about this organization is that it offers honors credits. For those members who are enrolled into Honors College, you are eligible to earn all 40 of your necessary honors credits to graduate over the span of two years.

A lot of times, an organization will try to sell you dreams on why their organization is the end all be all of organizations, but the Stoic Society has something special that not many organizations have: spirit.

The executive board of this organization has taken upon themselves to rebuild this organization from the ground when not many people would take the time to do something so time consuming and strenuous. To meet the hard working people of this organization visit their office in the Student Center in room 342E.

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