Amp! to host Java Jam event

Amp! will be producing an event called Java Jam that will be hosted in King Hall's lounge on Wednesday.

Amp! is an organization on campus that showcases the talents of musicians, poets and artists. It has been around for roughly four years and continues to contribute to the arts on campus.

Java Jam will have between 11 and 12 performances of live music or poetry for no more than 15 minutes a set. While the artists are performing there will be free coffee supplied by the Ugly Mug, which is also the sponsor of the event.

While listening to good music you can decorate a ceramic mug with a sharpie for $2. If decoration isn’t your strength feel free to still donate to Amp! by buying a raffle ticket for $2-$5. The winner of the raffle will get a basket full of baked goods and mysterious nifty gifts.

Participants might make a cameo in a promo video that they will be showing at a future event in January.

Whether you want to just unwind to smooth sounds, get free coffee, win a prize or end up in a cool video, you can support the arts and have a fun time doing so.

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