Keith Jason stresses the importance of academic advising


Keith Jason is the Coordinator of Student Services in the College of Technology at Eastern Michigan University. He is dedicated to advising students pursuing a major in the COT, helping with class schedules and answering questions about a COT major or general education requirements.

As an Eastern Michigan University alumnus, Jason has had a great deal of involvement in EMU. Jason was born and raised in Freeport, Illinois and came to EMU in 1999 for his undergraduate in business administration with a focus in marketing. He then received his graduate degree in Educational Leadership in 2005.

There is research that shows the quality of advising is important to student success. Jason finds pleasure in being able to help students get on the right academic path. He works his hardest to understand what students need.

Many students do not use their advisers to their full potential or even at all. Students understand their tuition but miss out on the many services they are paying for. Tutoring sessions, the Writing Center and advisers all play a role in creating the best experience for students. Jason makes sure that he allows students to use his services to their full potential.

Heather Neff, one of Jason’s former instructors, recalls a time when she watched Jason point a student in the right direction.

“Two years ago I had a student who wanted to change majors, but was terribly uncertain about whether it was the right decision,” Neff said. “She had always wanted to be a pilot, but had been told that this was something ‘women don't do.’ I sent her to Keith, and by the end of the day he had not only connected her with the Aviation Technology program, but she had met with their adviser and successfully changed her major. This student will graduate next month and is preparing to go to work in her dream job as a Space Camp counselor.”

Jason gives students the opportunity to create an educational experience for themselves by offering students options and helping them figure out the best path for their academic career. He’s not just an adviser - he’s a resource.

“Keith understands our campus and cares deeply about helping students gain the best academic and social experience possible during their time at EMU,” Neff said.

Jason is a kindhearted, well-connected man who has been known to be of great personal character. He is well respected by students, educators and organizations alike. When you walk into his office in the College of Technology student services office, you are greeted by a welcoming individual who truly cares for the well being of the students at EMU.

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