Student Government senate meeting Nov. 18

Eastern Michigan University’s Student Senate passed a resolution that asks the Board of Regents to sever ties with the Education Achievement Authority Thursday.

The resolution states that the Student Senate, in conjunction with EMU faculty, strongly urges the Board of Regents to terminate EMU’s contract with the EAA at their Dec. 5 meeting.

Student Government President Desmond Miller invited Steven Cameron, a College of Education faculty member and active member of the coalition of people against the EAA, to speak to the senators about the EAA.

“I’m really happy that you’re considering such action,” Cameron said. “I believe the EAA has been politically motivated from the beginning. We believe it is in the best interest of our students, of the university and especially the college of education, to sever this association.”

The resolution passed 11-3, despite reservations from several senators. Some were concerned that Cameron was not an unbiased speaker. The opposing senators moved to table the resolution, but the motion failed.

Miller said he did not attempt to contact an unbiased source on the matter.

The Student Senate also voted on Resolution 101-05, a last minute addition to Tuesday night’s meeting. The resolution, authored by Senator McDonald, asks the Board of Regents to allocate more money to student organizations.

Senator McDonald made his case for the resolution. While not binding, it is an official request to the Board of Regents to increase funding to student organizations, which McDonald said was lacking. In the past, student organizations often had to come to the budget committee for extra money to hold events, which is what Club Gymnastics and PSSA did in the previous meeting.

The Senate voted to pass the resolution.

Director Schrauben of the Budget & Finance committee reported investing $3,396 in grants to Club Gymnastics and $1,136.20 to the PSSA. The public affairs director was not present to discuss further.

Executive Order 4

The Senate discussed the possibility of “executive order 4” Tuesday, which would create several new commissions.

A marketing commission that would work on how to get student government to do more for the student body and to market student organizations.

A transportation commission that would look for solutions to roads in disrepair, sidewalks and parking.

A Rec commission, which would organize a strategy for remodeling the Rec/IM.

“I'm hoping those chairs would be student senators,” Miller said. “If not I would be looking outside of student government.”

The Senate also voted in a new Senator, freshman Quaid Strouder and a new head of the Electoral Commission, fourth-year accounting major Jacob Butterfield.

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