Weekly MAC Gymnastics Rankings released: Jan. 19 2015

The Eastern Michigan Gymnastics team poses for a team photo after the Eagles finished 2nd against Central Michigan and Seattle Pacific Saturday night in Mt. Pleasant.

The weekly gymnastics rankings were released by the NCAA today. Last week the Eagles were ranked 24th in the nation following a team score of 193.925. This week, the Eagles dropped to 31st in the nation and remained 1st in the Mid-American Conference following a 194.575 meet in Mt. Pleasant. 

Nationally, senior Anna Willette is ranked 30th in the All-Around category at 39.000 and redshirt senior Chantelle Loehner is ranked 25th on the floor with an average of 9.863.

Top 25 Individual rankings in Mid-American Conference:


1: Anna Willette 39.000


5(t): Anna Willette 9.775

13(t): Kendall Valentine 9.725

20: Polly Miller 9.662

22(t): Julia Schwartz 9.650

22(t): Kimberly Ebeyer 9.650

22(t): Catie Conrad 9.650

22(t): Sydney McEachern 9.650


4(t): Kendall Valentine 9.775

7(t): Catie Conrad 9.750

7(t): Lacey Rubin 9.750

15(t): Anna Willette 9.713

19(t): Sydney McEachern 9.650

21: Carrina Lo Bello 9.638

25: Nikki Paterson 9.600


9(t): Carrina Lo Bello 9.713

9(t): Anna Willette 9.713

15(t): Kendall Valentine 9.675

18: Catie Conrad 9.663

21(t): Kimberly Ebeyer 9.650


1: Chantelle Loehner 9.863

5(t): Rachel Slocum 9.775

12(t): Anna Willette 9.725

16(t): Carrina Lo Bello 9.713

21: Polly Miller 9.712

23(t): Sydney McEachern 9.700

*all results from roadtonationals.com

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