Winter necessities

Last year at this time we were buried in a foot of snow all huddled in our houses trying to stay out of the frigid 40-degrees-below-zero temperatures. Classes were cancelled and the only thing left to do was cuddle under a blanket and try and stay warm. This year isn’t much better with the temperature still falling below ten degrees. The only difference is it’s just warm enough to still having to go outside.

While leaving your warm bed to face the well-below freezing temperatures may seem daunting, there are a few things you can do to make your journey to class and through our own little arctic easier.

In elementary school, the importance of a hat, gloves and a coat is stressed upon every visit to the playground. Surprisingly though the importance of a scarf is not mentioned. If you do not already wear one you’ll be surprised how much heat is lost when your neck is not covered. Putting on a scarf will help keep you cozy during your trek to class and can also help prevent a sore throat.

Another winter accessory that I encourage everyone to try is a pair of mittens. I’m not talking about the kind that your mom sewed to the inside of your coat sleeves on strings so you wouldn’t lose them, but a nice pair of mittens. You can pick them up at Walmart or Target. The natural heat that your fingers produce when they are touching each other will help keep your hands toasty.

With snow pilling on the ground a pair of snow boots are crucial, but bringing a spare pair of socks in your bag with you to class can also keep you warm. No one wants to walk around with cold, wet feet all day, and often times they are cooling your whole body down much more than you would expect.

Some other winter items to consider would be hand warmers, ear muffs, an ear wrap and leg warmers. Hand warmers are little bags you can put in your gloves or socks that heat up when you shake them. They can be purchased at places like Dicks Sporting Goods, Lowes or Walmart. Ear muffs or a head wrap are perfect for the person who wants to stay warm while avoiding the dreaded hat head. A pair of leg warmers will keep your calves warm and you can get them to match your outfit.

Winter might be one of the hardest seasons to get through especially for someone who hates the cold. With the right winter wear though the season it will pass by much quicker, and before you know it you will be back to wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

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