Campus life educates Greek Life on alcohol safety

Dozens of EMU students gathered in the Student Center this past Wednesday as recovering alcoholics, counselors and police officers spoke on the dangers of alcohol.

Don’t Blame It On the Alcohol offered an honest discussion about everything from Eastern’s code of conduct, the health effects of alcohol, the part alcohol plays in sexual assault, how the law works regarding alcohol and where to go if you are struggling with substance abuse.

The event was hosted by Eden Zimak and Kalandria Robinson, two Campus Life representatives who are also involved in Greek Life.

“Especially since St. Paddy’s Day is coming up, it’s just nice to be aware of the precautions you need to take, especially with drinking, just having overall safety awareness, and knowing the risks,” Robinson said.

“We’d rather be preventative than reactive,” Zimak said.

Representatives from the Wellness Center, Students for Recovery, Student Conduct and the Women’s Resource center spoke at Wednesday’s event, offering knowledge on alcohol safety, campus policies and opened up about their own experiences with alcohol.

“On this campus and in this community, we are so blessed with resources,” said a representative from Students for Recovery.

The event served as a “Greeks Learning about Alcohol Safety Seminar,” a requirement for members of fraternities and sororities on campus, and was attended mainly by members of the Greek community. However, it also counted as LBC credit, and was far more comprehensive than any other GLASS seminar.

Kathy Walz, a representative who spoke on behalf of the Wellness Center, noted that this type of program is important because Greeks are leaders on campus, but they are also a higher risk group.

If you missed the event and are looking for more information on alcohol safety, more can be found in the Wellness Center on the first floor of Snow Health Center.

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