Eagle on the Street

“I would invent an Alpaca Appreciation Day, because they’re under appreciated and they have very soft fur.”

Emily Blasiola, freshman, undecided

It seems like America has a holiday for just about anything, from Christmas to Talk Like a Pirate Day. The Echo asked students: “If you could invent your own holiday, what would it be and why?”

By Allie Tomason

“A day where we wear pink and everything is pink, because I love the color pink.”

Makenzie Calhoun, freshman, nursing

By Allie Tomason

“Maybe like a Student Day for a nice day off, maybe a celebration for students. Why do we not deserve it? We’re the future of the nation. Why shouldn’t we be honored?

There’s a Teacher Day.”

Max Klar, junior, marketing

By Allie Tomason

“Maybe something to do with the arts, like National Art Appreciation Day or something of the like. I think, not just on this campus but all over, people don’t think of the arts; make it like dance, theatre, music.”

Abigayle Cryderman, senior, dance

By Allie Tomason

“I would probably invent a Gender Neutral Day, because I feel like a lot of people are confused about gender and sexuality. So, I would invent that day to give information about things that are really open to our world outside of the heteronormativity that we have in our society.”

Daivon Taylor, junior, women’s and gender studies

By Allie Tomason

“Summer Christmas. There aren’t enough holidays in the summer that are family oriented. There’s July 4. I mean people do get together, but I feel like that’s more independent. We need a family holiday in the summer.”

Brendan Oswald, junior, computer programming

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