Falling for spring

Spring is here which means love is in the air. The birds are chirping, the grass is greener and the sun’s shining. It may feel like a whole new world has opened its doors up.

While there’s nothing wrong with the occasional Starbucks or coffeehouse date, with weather this awesome you shouldn’t hesitate to take full advantage of it. So here’s a list of some cool date ideas to help celebrate the sunshine.

Living in Michigan can be both beautiful and a drag because we get to experience all four seasons. Winter is not the kindest to our mitten state, so whenever there’s a tiny peak of sun, you better believe you’ll see people hanging around outside to soak in as much of it as they can.

Some ideas for a springtime date include taking a nice long walk on the beach or eating at a restaurant outside.

“Having a cute picnic in the park is really nice yet easy,” said freshman psychology major Sara Korb. “It’s the perfect way to keep it simple and fun while enjoying the nice weather.”

Spring is like the tailgate before the ultimate game, summer. It’s the perfect time of year where it just seems like the work load gets a tiny bit easier to manage and everyone is really set on getting out and having fun. Group dates have the kind of rep where it can either be really amazing like ice cream on a scorching hot day or really crappy like being stuck on a deserted island with your arch nemesis.

But it doesn’t always have to suck. Group dates are awesome because it gives you the chance to enjoy hanging out with friends and your significant other. Some cool stuff you can do as a group is go to a drive through movie theater or hit up Pin Ball Pete’s in Ann Arbor and battle it out in the arcade.

“A really great spring date to me is going with your partner and some friends as a double date to cool stuff like or going to an amusement park,” said Norah Almuhanna, a freshman and cellular molecular biology major.

Festivals are like the ultimate crème de la crème of dates. These events tend to cater to almost everyone so if your date likes something that you don’t, there’s definitely going to be something for you too. From the multiple food trucks for the serious food lovers to fun rides for the thrill seekers, festivals and carnivals alike are where it’s at.

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