Student Government committee meeting roundup

Student Government held two regular committee meetings on Tuesday, March 3, coming off winter break.

The Internal Affairs and Business and Finance committees were the only two that met at their regular times. Student Affairs met briefly and Public Affairs was canceled due to an event.

Internal Affairs started the meeting with two confidential sessions. The public was not allowed into these meetings.

Confidential sessions can be requested before the meeting and because of the confidentiality agreement that was passed at a student senate meeting in December, only Internal Affairs members are to be in attendance.

It was brought to the attention of members of Internal Affairs and Business and Finance committees that students and student organizations have been wondering why allocations are being denied.

During Business and Finance gallery comments, Campus Life’s Kriss Floyd spoke about how she sends organizations to Student Government and that those that are denied come back saying that the allocations are being denied subjectively and based off assumptions.

Senator William McDonald assured those in attendance that if any organizations want to meet about the allocation process he would be available.

All club sport and student organization allocation requests were approved.

Club Golf $1,620

Club Hockey $1,320

Men’s Ultimate Frisbee $425

Diversion Dance Troupe $1,700

The Righteous Movement $900

You Beautiful Black Women $1,620

Dungeons and Dreadnaughts $4,960

Internal Affairs discussed senators reaching out to student organizations about the allocation process and answering any questions student organizations might have about Student Government.

Student Senate will meet Tuesday, March 10, at 6:30 p.m. in room 310A.

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