Long distance made easy

What happens when you have made that one great friend, but said friend lives farther away from you than you thought? It may seem overwhelming at first, but there are plenty of ways for you to be able to interact with friends you have made that may not live just around the corner and keep that friendship going strong.

1. Skype Call

Skype has become one of the primary modes of communication for many people and it is a great resource for those in long-distance relationships of any sort. Besides just having text chat, it has the video chat capability favored by so many that lets you see the person face-to-face, even if you are not there in person. Set up a date and time to chat via Skype once or twice a week as a way to ensure that both of you keep in touch.

2. Facebook

Just about everyone has a Facebook account these days. It can be a super easy way for long distance friends to connect and chat with one another. Also, because so many people have an account there, you are bound to find your friends and stay connected no matter how far away you are. Similar to Skype, you can set a date and time to “meet” with your friend online.

3. Phone Call

Sometimes texting or Facebook just does not cut it. If you have that long-distance buddy’s cell phone number - pick up the phone and give him or her a call. Hearing from you will make their day. Making time to call your friend can be a great way for you two to catch up and chat about the things going on in each other’s lives.

4. Meet-up

Sometimes it is actually possible to meet that long-distance friend in person. When that happens, a great idea is to “meet in the middle” at a location that both of you can reach easily, rather than have you or your friend make the trek all the way to one or the other’s location. Pick a favorite restaurant or a hangout spot and spend the day together doing whatever you wish.

5. Gaming

If you have a friend that is into online gaming, then playing an MMORPG together is a unique and very fun way to interact with friends that might not live close by. Though you are not technically meeting up in person, you can still hang out in-game and take on monsters and quests together. There are plenty of games that offer this type of multiplayer experience with the most popular being World of Warcraft. It can also become a weekly event for you and your friends to gather in-game and journey together.

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