Eastern to host its first anime convention this January

Whether you’ve never been to an anime convention before and want your first experience to be closer to home, or you’re a seasoned “Con” veteran looking to fill the winter void with a fun and unique experience, Washi Con might be the event for you.

Washi Con will be Eastern Michigan University’s first ever anime convention and is scheduled to be held at McKenny Hall Jan. 23 from 9 a.m. to midnight.

Described as “a convention of image and motion” by organization leaders Lee and Emily Schwinghamer, Creative Writing and Textile Studies majors.

The name Washi Con comes from the Japanese word equivalent to “Eagle” and was inspired by EMU’s mascot. There will be plenty of unique guests swooping in to bring their talents and fun to the event. Many of the planned guests that students will be able to interact with are local and include musicians, software designers and a variety of panelists to provide entertainment. Examples include Sparkling Summer Live, a dancer who will perform and teach at the con, Party Table, which will consist of comics and game shows, and Limitless Disguise Cosplay.

As well as unique guests, Schwinghamer states that, “Washi Con will be able to provide attendees with extended workshop times, an environment for academic studies, and allow everyone to leave with skills or products that you didn’t have when you started, something to take home from the experience.”

Washi Con also will have an Artist Alley and Dealer’s Hall that will showcase artists from EMU and the surrounding Ypsilanti area. Students are highly encouraged to apply for the Artist Alley for a nominal fee and an application will be made available.

Pre-registration for the convention will be available online for free and a $5 donation at the door is suggested. Badges will be required to enter panels and vendor space, but Washi Con is open to the public.

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