GM talks about hiring students


Several General Motors employees stopped by the Student Center to answer questions about working for the industry giant. For the past three years, GM has been switching from being fully outsourced to fully in-sourced in all facets of the company and is searching to make a relationship with all of the IT schools in America.

Over the past three years, GM has hired 10,000 new employees into entry-level positions and “still needs more” according to Maria Walker, a program manager for GM.

“We are actively looking for IT students to fill entry level positions,” she said.

Areas they need entry-level positions in include:

  • IT network and engineer
  • BI and Data analytics developer
  • Information security specialist
  • Operations Engineer
  • Software developer
  • IT software test and analysis.
  • Walker continued to say “We want applicants to have a 3.0 GPA or higher, but if someone has a reason their GPA is below 3.0 we will definitely listen to the reason and consider it.”

    Matt Rippen, a software developer, said, “At GM, it's a very unique time. You get the benefit of a powerful company but the freedom of a smaller one.”

    When asked if GM IT employees worked a 40-hour work week, Walker replied “It's about how much time do you need for the job. Sometimes you work hard on a project, and you have to work Saturday. Those things happen. But other times, you are between projects, and you are like, ‘I guess I’ll take a training class today.’”

    Not wanting to exclude anyone, GM has options for international work, as GM operates in over 20 countries. “One simply has to ask where they would like to go. Whether it be in the states or another country, we can put you in a program that will get you there,” Walker said.

    There were a handful of students present at the information session, but all left with curiosity sated and questions answered.

    “I think it went very well, they answered all the questions I had,” said Nick Krywy, 32, computer information major.

    GM is not providing any internships at this time as it is in the process of either accepting interns from last year. The ones they are not accepting, they are hiring.

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