Joining student organizations helps to engage, make new friends

Student organizations seem to be everywhere. Eastern Michigan University has a very diverse range of student organizations and a large portion of students involved in them.

Henry Hakamäki, a junior in the pre-med program at EMU, is heavily involved in student organizations and his experience shows how Eastern offers an array of options for students to get involved.

“I’m in about a dozen organizations spanning everything from academic, such as the Biological Honor Society, which I am president of, to cultural clubs such as the Middle Eastern Association,” said Hakamäki.

Some students choose to become involved in a select few organizations and develop a passion for their orgs. Samantha Szuminski has recently joined the board for Catholics on Campus and said she is excited and passionate about doing more with an org that has really impacted her.

“In the last year I became super active in Catholics on Camps and it completely changed how I experienced college,” said Szuminski. “Learning so much about yourself and therefore having a firmer grip on reality and decision making can impact the rest of your life.”

The enjoyment of orgs that both Hakamäki and Szuminski share, shows that student orgs can help boost your college experience. Hakamäki said that his activeness in orgs led to a number of friends he would have never met otherwise.

Student organizations are not just about the students. The faculty get involved and enjoy them too. Richard Stahler-Sholk, a professor in the Political Science Department, is one of these faculty advisors who has gotten involved.

“It’s very rewarding to work closely with motivated students who think about how to make the world a better place,” said Stahler-Sholk, faculty advisor for the Model United Nations Student Organization.

He also shared that he feels Model UN helps students to “strengthen the ability to see things from various perspectives.” He recognizes that involvement in interactive and academic orgs can help students in future endeavors as well.

Now that Fajita Fest has done the introduction to student organizations, the exploring can begin. Visit orgs and figure out what fits. You can even search the student organizations on Eastern Michigan University’s website.

“Life is always more interesting when you’re an engaged participant and not just an observer,” said Stahler-Sholk.

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