ATM students take field trip to The Runway

Eastern Michigan University’s apparel and textile merchandising students took a field trip Thursday, Oct. 29, to The Runway in Downtown Lansing. The Runway is a fashion incubator and retailer that helps fashion designers create a foundation for their business.

Organized by ATM professor, Holly Mosher, multiple classes had the opportunity to travel to The Runway for the morning and receive credit while learning about what resources they have to offer.

“It’s important for students to go on field trips, like The Runway, to see fashion first hand,” Mosher said.

Located inside of the Knapp’s Centre, at 300 S. Washington Square, The Runway provides a pretty much everything a beginning designer needs to launch a fashion line. The amenities include a showroom, office spaces and work areas with sewing machines and computer aided design (CAD) software for upcoming designers to use after they become a member.

“It was a great opportunity to see a different side of the fashion world, straight from Michigan,” said Rachael Arula, a senior ATM major.

Students were able to hear about different programs and memberships offered not only through The Runway, but also through the Michigan Garment Industry Council (MGIC).

The MGIC brings together Michigan-based designers, manufacturers, suppliers and other talent entities, and provides them with networking and business development opportunities.

By strategically connecting various links in the supply chain, the Council’s goal is to foster the promotion and success of Michigan’s garment industry and contribute to the state's overall growth and prosperity.

“It’s amazing to know that we have resources like The Runway and MGIC to assist fashion students in Michigan,” said Emily Koprowski, another senior ATM major.

Beginning designers who are serious about committing to developing their first line are able to become apart of The Runway’s Associate Designer Program for $100 a month. More established designers are eligible to join the Designer-in-Residence Program for $350-$475 a month (depending on individual studio space).

“This will show our students the opportunities out their for them to experience in the industry. I love to give them as much real world experience while they are in school to help prepare them for their fashion career,” Mosher said.

By Courtesy of Holly Mosher

Apparel and textile merchandising students traveled to Downtown Lansing.

For more information about The Runway visit there website

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